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Website Design Sandy Springs

What do you need to know about Website Design in Sandy Springs?

When you need website design in Sandy Springs, you can likely find several companies offering up these services. Whether you search on Google or the Yellow Pages, you will discover a number of companies read to insist they are the best.The thing is, your business deserves the best of the best—not just a company that offers website design on the side, but rather one that specializes in website design.

At MarketBlazer, Inc., this is exactly what we do. Let us show you why we have earned a reputation in the Sandy Springs area and beyond for exceptional business website design combined with powerful SEO (search engine optimization services). These services pack a one-two punch to your competitors.

Just Why Is Website Design So Critical?

Did you know 8 out of 10 customers will check out your website before they ever pick up the phone or darken your doorway? This is true for users of desktop computers, but even more so for mobile devices. That means you need great web design for all devices in order to ensure that people search for and find you, then find your website useful enough to become your customers.

Contrary to popular belief and the impressions left by drag-and-drop websites, good design is harder to achieve than you might think. That’s why it’s important to have a knowledgeable partner in web design. Let’s talk more about why it matters and how you can find a great web designer today.

Does Design Really Matter?

The unequivocal answer to the question of whether or not design matters is yes. Think about the process when you search for a product or service. How likely are you to pull out the phone book or just start walking around downtown? Not at all likely, we’re guessing. Instead, you jump online and Google what you need. The search engine then pulls up rankings based on your search terms, and you start hunting for the answer that works for you.

If you find a website that you enjoy interacting with, that answers your questions, and that makes you feel safe and taken care of, you’re likely to become a customer. Any website that is cluttered, hideous, outdated, confusing or offensive immediately gets chucked in the “no thanks” pile. So which kind of website do you want to be?

Moreover, a good website will deliver on the promise of its search terms. If your site is not designed to reflect what the user came for in the first place, you will lose that lead. Even if you manage to drive lots of traffic to your site, it isn’t worth very much if you can’t keep those visitors there. That’s why your site needs to be easy-to-use, so the prospects can find the information they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

Benefits of the Right Web Design

If you’re able to achieve this, chances are good you’ll convert many leads into customers. That’s because effective web design has many benefits:

  • It is easy to use, so customers find what they need and can consider your products and services
  • They do not get frustrated looking for information they can’t find
  • They know how to contact you and find out more about you
  • They can trust your professionalism, because your site reflects your experience and expertise
  • Users can engage seamlessly with all your content
  • Shoppers become buyers

Good web design is more than an art: it’s a science. A well laid-out web page controls the movements of the eye so that shoppers are drawn first to your logo, forging brand recognition. They will then navigate to your products and services to find out more about what you do. From there, they’ll navigate to other areas of the site based on color and other tactics. The result is a customer experience likely to result in sales.

Find a Web Designer in Sandy Springs Today

If you’re ready for effective website design in Sandy Springs, MarketBlazer is the place to go. We’re a knowledgeable, experienced marketing firm that specializes in excellent design as well as other critical services, such as SEO. Find out more about taking your business marketing to the next level by getting in touch with us today at 770-893-2443.

Website Design Sandy Springs
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Website Design Sandy Springs
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